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About us. is a collection of video games in SWF format.


It is legal to use them at the same time as distributing them, as long as the parameters that their manufacturers propose are respected, not to modify them, not to remove the link or the links, at the same time as the advertisements that they bring, among other things.

This site is a download site for arcade games in their original formats, as presented by their manufacturers without any modifications.

At the same time it is legal to use them in video arcade sites, if you are webmasters you can use them, distribute them, at the same time offer the respective downloads without any cost.

If you find a broken download link, please use the contact form to notify us, at the same time if any game has a problem.

The site does not permanently control the content, or the theme of the games, and we can not be responsible for them. If a game violates ethical, moral, or good practice issues. Contact us to moderate and remove it.

If you are a creator of games in this format (SWF) and you want your game to be listed here, contact us to evaluate it and publish it. The site reserves the right to publish and remove it without prior notice.

All games images and descriptions are the property of their respective owners. Team.